kaale (Bodi's new year)

A BODI's Kaale(new year) ceremony

Bodi kaale (new year)The Bodi are famous for their annual Kaale(New year) festival depending on the full moon and rain, the highlight of which is pageant held to choose the fattest man of the year. Preparation for this special event takes nearly the whole year for the one who aspires to be in top. The man who has reached adulthood and is ready to get married will spent several months in a forest, away from all sorts of distraction. During this period he will be assisted by a close friend or family.

Throughout this time he will not be subjected to any form of activity, even a quick stroll which could potentially lead him to lose the smallest grams from his hard earned weight. Contestants feed on milk and blood for the whole year. On competition day, champions from each clan arrive to the Bodi King village and after the dance they are measured by the elders who then decide who is the winner and the fattest man of the year who will be awarded two or three girls of his choice and great fame in the community.


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