The human migration

omo river valley

Travel back in the time to the birth place of human, raft on the mighty omo river, that  has once been a cross road for human migration and living source for most tribes in which they solely depend for drinking, cultivating, fishing and hunting crocodile.

Thousands of omo nomads, cultivators, and hunters still pursue ancient lifestyles, Tribes who lives along the Omo river like Mursi, Bodi , Kara , Kwegu , Nyangatom, Turkana and Daasanach,. Other tribes such as the Hamer, Ari and Banna lives further from the river but have a system of inter-ethnic alliances. With  their customs and of still-authentic rituals such as bull jumping and ceremonial stick fighting and fat contest and so on is still present amongst the these tribes

The Omo River rises in the Showan highland shaving its source at Mt. Amara, It undulates through 470 kilometres on its way through a steep inaccessible valley before slowing its pace as it nears the lowlands and then meanders through flat, semi-desert bush, eventually running into Lake Turkana, the worlds largest desert lake and the basin where the omo remains discovered.

According to DNA analysis it is suggested that every person now living is related to a single woman from the Omo Valley,. It is said if Africa is the cradle of human being omo revir valley is the umbilical cord.


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