2 Days In The Astonishing Rock Hewen Churches of Lalibela

This two-day trip to Lalibela will take you to the astonishing churches of Lalibela, which are carved from massive rocks and sunk underground  , this journey, you will be able to visit all three groups of churches that including the iconic Bete Giorgis (St. George, Ethiopia's patron saint) church, which is exceptionally well preserved and visually almost perfect in every way, and is sculpted in the shape of a Greek cross.


Day 1 Addis Ababa – Lalibela

After breakfast, we transfer to Bole airport for our morning trip to Lalibela, which leaves at 10:00 a.m.Upon arrival, head to Sora Lodge, check in and refresh, then explore the churches of the first group, which includes the legendary Church of Bete Giorgis (Saint George, patron saint of Ethiopia), which is exceptionally intact and visually, almost perfect in every way, and is carved in the shape of a Greek cross, and then continue to explore the churches of the first group.


Day 2 Lalibela- Addis Ababa

After an early breakfast, we would continue touring the other important cluster of Rockheun churches, the Northern Group, The Northern Group has seven churches, a tomb, a chapel, and a subterranean chapel. The biggest rock-hewn church in the world, Bet Medhane Alem, is at the center of the group, measuring 33.5 metres by 23.5 metres. A tunnel connects three churches in a courtyard to the east, while another tunnel connects two churches. proceeded to Lalibela airport for the noon flight to Addis Ababa.