3 Days of Community Trekking and The Rock-hewn Church of Lalibela

January 30, 2022 - January 31, 2022

This three-day Lalibela tour combines the rockehuen churches of Lalibela with community treks. Local villages in the vicinity of Lalibela welcome you to embrace their hospitality and travel across their ancient lands. Along the route, you'll witness the stunning terrain of northern Ethiopia's highlands, as well as the Ethiopian endemic Gelada Baboon. The highlight of this three-day journey would be a visit to all three clusters of churches of Lalibela , the finest of which are Bet Georges and Bete Emanuel, which are wonderfully carved with distinctive Axumite building elements.


DAY 1 Lalibela

welcomed at Lalibela airport and transferred to Sora Lodge for a brief freshen up before heading to the first cluster of rock-hewn churches. This morning, we'd go to the iconic Bete Giorgis (St. George, Ethiopia's patron saint) church,  which  is exceptionally well preserved and, visually, almost flawless, and which is sculpted in the shape of a Greek cross, and afterwards proceed to explore churches in the first cluster. Overnight : Sora Lodge hotel. Meal (B, D)


DAY 2 Lalibela

n the morning, we take an exciting mule ride to Ashetan Maryam (St Mary), which lies at an elevation of over 4,000 m and was carved out of a cleft in a cliff face. Asheton Maryam is home to various unique crosses and other. The journey will take around 5 hours (round trip) and we'll ride the mules up the mountain for about an hour before hiking the rest of the way to the church. During our ride, we may encounter Ethiopian wolves and vast groups of gelada baboons (a few hundred in a spot). Following a short lunch break, we will continue visiting the other cluster of churches, including the finest, Bete Emanuel, which is beautifully carved with distinctive Axumite construction features.Bete Gabriel and Rafael, Merkorous, Emanuel, and Abba Libanos are among the others. If time allows, we will spend the rest of the day exploring around Lalibela village, discovering and learning about the local traditions. They live in a unique two-story Tukul.


DAY 3 Lalibela Addis Ababa

Transfer to the ADDIS ABABA flight. After breakfast, we transfer to Lalibela Airport for the flight to Addis Ababa