HIGHLIGHTS:SURMA TRIB, CITY TOUR AND MERKATO, NURE TRIBE,DIZI TRIBE,COFFE AND TEA PLANTATION, OROMO TRIBE The Lower Omo Valley was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980 due to its unique cultural and physical value to the world at large. In this valley, unlike everywhere else on the planet, there are so many different tribes and cultures. The terrain was characterized as a "Museum of People" by Carlo Conti Rossini, the first foreigner to explore the area.Over millennia, it has served as a crossroads for humanity travelling in many directions.


Day 1

Addis Ababa visiting the museums and churches and the Merkato (Africa’s biggest Market). Overnight Addis Ababa.


Day 2

Nekemte: Drive to Nekemte to the western direction of the country En route visiting the Shoea & Wolega Oromo tribe with their village. Overnight local hotel


Day 3

Drive to Metu after crossing Didasa River we will stop at the town of Bedele for lunch. You drive through the indigenous natural forests of Western


Day 4

Continue driving to Gambella via Gore. Today also you will be driving through the indigenous natural forest of Western Ethiopia. Again this place is the famous place in Tea farms. En route you will visit the Gumero tea field. Overnight Gambella Ethiopia Hotel for over two nights.


Day 5

Morning in Gambella park and around Baro River. In the afternoon an excursion trip to Itang to visit the Neuer people. Overnight at Gambella Ethiopia Hotel.


Day 6

Drive from Gambella to Mizan Teferi. On the way visit the Menit , Yem and the Dizi tribes. Overnight at Eden Hotel.


Day 7

Continue driving further to the west from Mizan Teferi to Tum (180 Kms) through Bebeka coffee plantation, the Ethiopia's largest old coffee plantation. On the way visit the Menit tribe. After crossing the Akobo River you experience the African Savanna grassland. You will stop at the little town of Dimma for lunch. Pass the small Surma's village of Tulgit and we drive to Kibish. The rest of the day walk around your campsite to visit the Surma people. O/n camping at KIbish.


Day 8

Whole day visit of the Surma people. Drive 7 kms to the nearby Surma village (Old Kibish) to see their other settlement. Overnight Camping at Kibish.


Day 9

Then drive back to Mizan teferi via Dima town. Overnight at Eden hotel.


Day 10

Drive from Mizan Teferi to Jimma (240 kms) through the Ethiopia's indigenous dense forest. The people living in this area are from Kefecho, Yem and Bench ethnic groups. This place is famous in coffee, tea and spice growing region from all over the country. O/n hotel


Day 11

Drive to Addis Ababa