March 10, 2017

stunning ancient tribes who are basically human canvases and moving art masterpieces, have been living omo rivery valley ethiopia for centuries still perusing ancient traditional life style. Only in omo valley Ethiopia do so many genetically and linguistically diverse people live as traditionally and in such a small space.once this river valley been a crossroads for humans migrating in many directions over many millennia.

The tribes such as Mursi, Suri and Karo are known for their elaborate body and facial paining, they use body art as a method of self-expression and a way of presenting the social hierarchical class in their tribe. Various colours, patterns and designs are used to designate position, for ritual( Bull jumping, stick fighting of suri and harvesting ceremonies), to ward off illness, to attract the opposite gender.. There are many different designs that generally differ from event to event, as each design has a different meaning/reasoning and evokes different emotions and feelings.

They use natural matrial obtained from local environment , which is believed to further enhance the relationship between the Tribes and their natural environment and create a soulful connection. ochre which is found in the local Omo River. Ochre comes in variety of colours like; Yellow, Red, Purple, Brown, Sienna, Umber. Another material that is utilized in body painting expression is yellow sulfur, white kaolin, white limestone and grey ash, common minerals found in local low lying area.

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