False banana brings dream come true

October 31, 2013

Mixed Enset farm

False banana is way better than its name as millions of tribal people in southern Ethiopia depend on it, it is called false banana because it resembles to banana plant but it doesn’t produce banana fruit. Both the enset and the banana tree belong to the family Musaceae.


Woman decorticates pseudostem using a bamboo scraperEnset ventricosum( false banana) is endemic to south part of Ethiopia farmed in mixed system along with grain crop and coffee , it is the most reliable source of staple food than any other crope in the area


Bread, porridge, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks can be made up of it, apart from source of food it provides fiber for making ropes, mats, bags and sack. It also produce medicine which helps wounds and breaks to heal faster.





Harvesting and processing



hopped enset in pit lined with enset









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